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About Bluetooth Beacons

Bluetooth beacons are transmitters that use Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 to broadcast signals that can be heard by compatible or smart devices.  These transmitters can be powered by batteries or a fixed power source such as a USB adapter. When a smart device is in a beacon’s proximity, the beacon will automatically recognize it and will be able to interact with that device.

Many businesses and developers are realizing the potential of this technology and are already taking advantage of it to deliver relevant and contextual interactions to their customers.  The versatility of the technology makes the uses of the beacons countless and up to the imagination of the business.

Delivering unique and amazing customer experiences has never been easier.

How iBeacon Works

How iBeacon Works
  • iBeacon transmitters use Bluetooth 4.0 technology, which can send specific information to nearby devices based on location
  • Business can set up multiple Bluetooth Beacons within and around their store to broadcast its signal
  • Beacons can pinpoint if customers are in range of its signal and their app/Passbook pass determines what to do when they inside that range
  • For example, the app can be programmed to deliver a personalized message or coupon.

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Hardware Considerations

Considerations to make before purchasing bluetooth beacons.


iBeacon transmitters are required to broadcast at a frequency compliant with Apple specifications, so battery life is estimated to be 1-2 months.  Beacons have the option of being powered by batteries or a fixed power source, such as a USB port on a POS terminal. To lessen maintenance costs, beacons running on a fixed power source is most ideal.


Beacons offer the versatility of being placed anywhere - indoors or outdoors.  The challenge comes when beacons are deployed in environments that are susceptible to weather conditions such as rain or humidity.  Beacon encasing should be resilient to such conditions, especially when installed outdoors.


An iBeacon consists of specifications such as the UUID, major, and minor values.  Rather than manually going out to each beacon to update its UUID or firmware, there needs to be a system to remotely manage a network of beacons.   This is especially important for large scale beacon deployments in areas such as shopping malls, stadiums, or airports.

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